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A beginners guide to adding your first listings

A beginners guide to adding your first listings

To begin, you need to sign up as a user.  We have found that there are a few different methods to getting started on this site.  You can immediately make a start and go straight into the add a listing section only to find out half way through the process that you need to register as a new user, or alternatively (and probably far better) it is easier to create yourself as a new user first.  

Click the image to see a screen grab of the page for creating a new user.  Find this by selecting the "dashboard" option (top right) and then follow the instructions for creating a new user.  If you are an agency you will need to create the agency name - otherwise select private person (if the property is yours) or agent if you look after the property for the owner.  Once that process is completed the administrator will be advised that a new user has been created and that user will then be approved by the system.   

PLEASE NOTE: All listings require moderator approval before they go live.  So don't panic if you can't see your listings to start with.          



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Creating your first listing

These general notes should help new users in the process of adding a listing.  If you're lost or confused please check out these notes before getting mad and throwing furniture around. Remember - The system does work - it's been beta tested by clever people that wear white overalls and consequently if you're reading this you're either very smart and you want to make careful notes before you begin or you're desperate and angry because you now realise you should have started here in the first place.

It's also worth mentioning that your listing will not go live until it has moderator approval.

We sometimes don't allow new users.  Users with weird email addresses are often up to no good and we deny them access.  If you have a weird email address either change it or send us a message via the contact us section telling us the reason why you have a weird email address and that you genuinely do wish to be involved in this site.

There are a few phases that you need to go through to create a listing.  Before you begin, please remember that if you aren't prepared to highlight the EXACT location of the property then this site isn't for you.

Another tip - SAVE YOUR WORK.  Especially if you have just spent a lot of time on the description.  It is much better to copy and paste the description just to be on the safe side because if your account remains dormant for a certain amount of time the system will log you out and when you press the "next" key your work might get lost.   

Let's start with the first screen:

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